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PICTURE POST: Life at 'The Shed'

MARC LIFE: The bay & local beaches

History of Marc

Originally formed in 1888,  the club has seen a resurgence in teaching community members the skills of rowing. We operate from the club house on Pier Road. The sea rowing that we currently see in Wales is only about 30 years old. The first boat to resemble a Celtic Longboat was a rebuilt Irish Curragh dug from the sand near Ramsey Island in West Wales. The boats produced were known as Pembrokeshire Longboats.

Welfare at the club

Well nigh-on 5 years since we started rowing Longboats at the club and still accident free, apart from a couple of bounces on the slippery slip and jammed fingers unloading boats from the trailer.  On the water we have been caught out by nature in the past, mostly within a half mile of the club around the area of the cherry stones just off the lighthouse. More recently any hairy moments have been on landing and launching on the beaches, notably our recent expedition to Caswell where it was man against monster wave, the longboat only just coming out on top. We continue to learn and consider ways of keeping our rowers safe outside the confines of the bay, we even had a deliberate sand bank landing the other day at Blackpill, as I had heard that many capsizes happen this way; it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib as the boat sat lovely and upright, no drama there!  Here's to a drama free 2015 season for all of us.  CH 

Pwll Du Challenge 2015

Pwll Du Challenge on the horizon

I don't know about you but the highlight of last year had to be our race. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that we won at least three trophies! After visiting neighbouring sea rowing clubs along the south coast who welcomed us so warmly, how lovely it was to host and have a bit of a do. Well this year our race will be on Saturday 26th September and we're hoping it will be even better than last year. Very soon I'll be asking for folk to come forward if they'd like to help in any way to make it a great success. This can be anything from making decorations, putting aside a raffle prize or two, helping out with the catering and refreshments to  handing out posters prior to the event or race safety and organisation. Can you help? That'd be grand! 



Base – Pier Road, Mumbles.
Membership – approx 100
Rowers – approx 50
Boat Type –  Celtic LB/Yole
Open – all year round
Ammenities – Bar/shower rooms


Learn to Row
Yole Rowing
Celtic Long Boat rowing
Cross training
Random challenges


2 Longboats
3 Double yoles
2 Training singles
5 Ergometers
Complete safety equipment
VHF radios

File Links.

Membership Form

Beginners welcome booklet

Sea Safety Booklet

Rowers progress booklet