Photo Credit: Christian Hole

Nat Hudson, Rower

Nat joined the club in September 2013 after realising she really wasn't making enough of our beautiful coastline. It wasn't long before she put her name forward for the Towy Social Row, bought a waterproof iphone case and that was that.  'You get to see everything a bit differently from the sea. From the wildlife to the shoreline and other people out there enjoying their sports. It can be incredibly peaceful, other days, when people complain about the rough weather it's fun to say 'I'll be out in that tonight!'.  I've learnt a lot since I started, met plenty of like -minded folk and made loads of friends. I would never have called myself a sporty person but races really are the highlight of the season, you can totally justify a pint and a slice of cake afterwards!'

Rachel Hurford








hoto Credit: ChristianHole

hoto Credit: ChristianHole

GEOFF Hulland, Coach/Rower


hoto Credit: Christian Hole

Tom Brain



CHRIS TERRY, Coach/Rower

I've been rowing for about ten years now, so obviously not an ex-university rower!  I took it up after leaving the RAF where I did off road ultra marathons, so very different!  My first time in a boat I fell out and was run over by the boat as we came into shore, nice introduction to a great sport.  I firmly believe that sea rowing, while growing is still a 'hidden gem' amongst sports and some of the experiences I've had while sea rowing around Wales are just too good for words.  If you are looking for a community to belong to and some good exercise thrown in for good measure then come down and get in a boat.  If I can do it anyone can.  See you on the waves!


Photo Credit: Nat Hudson


Christian started rowing in his early thirties inspired by the sight of single sculls rowing into the sunset.  After learning the ropes on the river and a spell as vice-captain at City of Swansea Rowing Club he moved to Mumbles ARC in order to broaden his rowing experience and have the chance to gain his coaching badges.  In 2011 he joined Chris Terry and others in the first launch of  the borrowed Celtic Long Boat  Cariad -Y-Mor in Swansea Bay and rowing from Pier Road has been his main source of pleasure and stress ever since.  After a stint as captain between 2012-2015 he is now positioned as Coach at the club. Christian is a purist in a 'have boat, have oars have adventure' kind of way, he loves to achieve club firsts with his crew mates and looking after the boat shed, favourite drink Guiness, dislikes rushing anything.



I’ve been rowing for 5 or 6 years at Mumbles, and simply love it. I came to it after decades of running took their toll and forced me to find a lower impact sport. I got in a boat to try it and was hooked!  I count myself really lucky to have stumbled across a great club, I’ve met some good friends there, and I always enjoy coaching and rowing – whether socially or competitively. Yes, racing is hard work, very hard in fact, but you get to row in some wonderful places around Pembrokeshire and further afield, which is something of a recompense! Even after a long day at work, once I’m in a boat and we are rowing smoothly (it does happen!) on a sunlit sea (yes, that as well), the cares of the day seem to slip away with each stroke. It is great therapy, great exercise and great fun!  I also passed on my enthusiasm to my wife Mandy, who is now a keen rower with the club.