New Rowers enjoy good seas at Mumbles!

Photograph by N.Hudson

Celtic 1:  We had joy, we had fun...!  Lots of tricks this morning and moving positions in the boat meant quite a dynamic session was had in the first longboat. A 50 minute session is quite long for those new to rowing but was no problem for Andy, Alyson and Maria..thanks to Mandy and Annick for their enthusiasm and grunt and Steve C for catching us on landing even though I missed the slip by 6 foot!!  CH

Celtic 2: 

I'm sat in my kitchen with a hot cuppa and a biscuit thinking I should probably shower off the brine, but I think I'll bask in the memory of the lovely morning we just had for another ten minutes. In our boat today we completed a few laps around our end of the bay and pretty much fought the wind the whole time, but the timing was great and it was really good to get some time in the boat, keep it simple and have fun. Anyway, I'm really chuffed with how my crew did today, we had a right giggle. You've got the enthusiasm and practice will do the rest!