We're gona need a bigger boat!

I like to think that it's not just the marvellous weather this evening but the fantastically tempting sport (and wonderful company) on offer that brought our newbies back for another session so soon. 

We filled three boats AND had a rotation. Keen as a bean and I love it. 

Everyone one is coming along so well in such a short space of time (and still smiling!). 

Things to take away from this evening's session:

1. Timing - absolutely essential and will get easier, don't worry. 

2. Gloves - People are beginning to feel the burn (wear those blisters with pride!) so start to look about for some gloves, lots of people for for biking or rugby gloves but it's all down to the individual but you don't need to spend a packet.

3. The slip - Bow position usually gets to be hero and jump (or gracefully step) onto the slip on the way back in to hold the boat. Clear as the water is, the depth is deceptive and our sympathies are with our selfless crew member (shall remain nameless) who took a 'demi-dip'.

High fives all round, you're oarsome.