Bratwurst Night a success for Nepal

The BBQ was scrubbed, the gazeebo erected and the evening boasted four types of sausage. Four! 

Everyone ate slightly more than they should have so our compliments to the chef, the simplest of suppers washed down with a pint was just the thing.

And with more prizes than attendees literally everyone was a winner at the raffle! I think Tom was particularly pleased with his geranium, and Ellie was thrilled with her t shirt. Annick wanted the t-shirt but settled for a wash bag. C'est la vie. 

Donations for the tasty snacks and raffle ticket monies were collected in a stylish Kilner jar (a company originally based in Yorkshire don't y'know) and more than £60 was raised. Not bad for some stuff in buns. 

Let's have another soon!