Experience the exhiliration and wild adventure of rowing in the seas around Mumbles, Swansea Bay and Gower in racing Celtic Boats and French Doubles, all year round.


Sea Rowing & beyond

The rowing scene obviously extends beyond our lighthouse. However involved we are with the local scene it is impossible not to be interested or inspired by those on the water in other parts of the globe. A look at the Welsh rowing Scene and beyond to the continent, surf rowing and world rowing in general.  

Our Crew

Meet our team of volunteer rowers, find out how they made their way into sea rowing and what particular skills they contribute, whether it be through coaching, leadership or welfare.  Here at Mumbles we have a mixed bag of talent mainly driven by a passion for the sea and a desire to welcome new rowers to the scene.

A Sea Rowing Blog

Bobbing about on the sea in boats enables us to benefit from a wide range of experience, from racing in West Wales to seeing the wild life in our own backyard.  As we move through the seasons check out our blog which journals every experience at the club or out at sea in Swansea bay and beyond.